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I love the stories that are told after you’ve put curlers in your hair for no particualar reason and snuggle next to somebody who loves you.

Ot when you look into someone’s eyes.

Or listen to their tone of voice.

Or watch their body language.

Or touch their skin.

Or count the exclamation points after a simple text mesage.

Or engage in conversation.

That’s the fun of living.  Absorbing the stories when the storyteller least thinks they’re telling them.

And the stories fill our lives with all things human and teachable and real.  They tell our present, our past, and give glimpses into our future.

I love it when our stories connect, and most often they do in the most surprising ways, because we understand each other a little better.  We find commonality and no longer are strangers – no matter how far apart we thought we were when we started.

And especially when we tell our stories with curlers in our hair for no particular reason.

Love, Ruth

Ruth Vander Zee
Journey of Faith



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Ruth Vander Zee
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