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This is a new experience for me. So you will have to help me along the way. I don’t do blogs!!!!  But you know what? It’s part of the journey. And here I am, writing a blog. My friend Pascale, who designed my beautiful web site told me I had to. Thank you, Pascale for the beauty you create at your computer every day.

Saturday, I read an article in the Miami Herald about Diana Nyad who attempted, at the age of 62 to swim from Key West to Cuba. She didn’t make this decision lightly. She had to get sponsors, obtain a visa to enter Cuba, form a team, practice for hours and hours, and keep believing that she could swim 100 miles. She went on national television before the event, talking about this being the dream of a life-time. No shark tanks for her. She wanted to swim unencumbered.

But after 29 hours in the water, she couldn’t go any further. An asthma attack and other unplanned experiences caused her to climb back into the boat and give up a dream.

I admire that kind of courage. I admire her ability to dream. I admire her audacity to attempt. I admire her physical stamina. And I admire her courage to get out of the water. What a journey. As Shoer Roth wrote, “To me, that’s her real victory, her gold medal -  not reaching the finish line.” I agree. Her journey began long ago when her parents signed her up for her first swim lessons.  And not only that, she’s still on her journey. It’s taken a few twists and turns but it’s not over. Who knows what surprises are in her future. And she blessed me – someone she has never heard of.

And that’s the power of the journeys of faith we are on. It’s all a journey - the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. I hope you join me on the journey and let others know, how Jesus breaks into your life and blesses you at the unexpected times and in unexpected places through unexpected people. Because, without a doubt, that’s what Jesus does. When he offers his peace in the middle of the oceans of our lives, we discover whether or not it’s time to keep swimming or if it’s time to get into the boat. Either way, he loves us and calls us “Daughter.”

If you share your stories, we’ll all be a bit richer because we’re on the journey together.

Love, Ruth

Ruth Vander Zee
Journey of Faith


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3 Responses to Welcome to my blog!

  • Vivian King says:

    Hi Ruth!! Remember me? I attended your speaking at Moran Park Church in Holland, Mi. Boy that was powerful! So sorry it’s taken me so long to respond but I have been a very busy bee with all that is going on in my life! God is so good and I can’t complain about anything. You, Ruth, have opened my eyes to a different dimension with women overall and especially in His word. We, too, are pretty special in God’s eyes and heart. All of what you spoke of that night was truth and I want to say thank you for coming so far from home to teach me this!! You are an inspiration to my life and I am very honored that I have met you and your husband! I hope your trip home was safe and that this reply finds you and ‘papa’ in good health. I do hope and pray that we will see each other again! PS…MY garbage was exposed also but in a very good way…for His glory! Thank you and May God bless and keep your family safe and well…Happy Thanksgiving!! Love, Vivian :)

  • Thank you for your kind words Ruth. It’s been great fun going on this journey with you =)

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